Question: Principal says no to fundraiser...yes to helium tank..

Our principal told us we could not decide on a fundraiser without the pto board agreeing to it yet she agreed to have pto buy a helium tank without the board voting. The new pto board for next school year was present but they have not been sworn in at this time...can she have us buy a helium tank without the pto board voting and using next school years pto boards votes when they haven't been sworn in yet?

Asked by gpcats2010



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Your group has to decide how to spend your own money, just as you have to decide which fundraiser to run. Of course, the principal's input should carry significant weight, but you should make the final decision. By the way, it's good that your principal thinks the board should have final say on what fundraiser to run. A fundraiser requires broad support from a lot of people to be successful. We've heard of principals signing up with fundraising companies and committing their schools to run a fundraiser that the PTO didn't really want to do. It rarely works out well.

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