Question: Co-President

How do we amend the our current bylaws to include co-presidents?

Asked by Valle



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Your bylaws should include language on how to amend them. Typically you must give advance notice of the vote. Announcing it at one meeting and voting at the next is pretty standard procedure, but bylaws don't usually call for that long a period in case you have an immediate need for an amendment. Also, you must have a quorum present when the vote is taken, and the proposed amendment must pass by a two-thirds vote of those voting (not counting abstentions). If your bylaws don't have language about how to amend them, you should write an amendment for that, too. By the way, the place where co-presidents usually run into trouble is when there's a strong disagreement between them. It's helpful to work out in advance how situations like that will be handled. (Will one have final say?) Craig

Community Advice

barig22 writes:
amending a bylaw to include a copresidency is typically like passing any Motion for a change in Policy (Bylaw)... Must be announced ~30 days in advance so... as raig wote - Propose Motion in one meeting and vote at next. However, I believe the Motion to include a co-presidency can be passed with a quorum and majority vote. Do not need 2/3rds.

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