Question: Against bylaws

What are the repurcussions (if any) that a PTO member would have against a board member who goes against the PTO bylaws? The issue is specifically using your products as a fundraiser where a portion of the proceeds goes to the PTO and another portion to her.

Asked by jbsdesigns



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
When you're unhappy about something the PTO is doing, your best recourse is to muster up a number of unhappy members, go to the meeting as a group, and express your displeasure. If you have enough support, make a motion to stop or ban the practice in question. It's one thing for officers to ignore group policies or even bylaws. It's much more difficult to continue a practice in the face of widespread and openly expressed dissatisfaction. If you're still not happy, vote the officers out at election time.

Community Advice

pkzcass writes:
I agree with Craig's response. Then, you should amend your bylaws to state that no parent shall benefit financially from the PTO. We just did this with our bylaws.

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