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1st, Can a President call an emergency meeting if the is a volation in Nomnating Bylaw? My guess is yes, but wnt to be ure. 2) Do you need a quorum to vote at an emergency meeting? 3) If there was a violation, what do you need to overturn the vote (qorum, 23rd, etc.) and do you still need to follow the ruls of Motion to reconsider. The President was not present at the vote and now, after a vote passes, The President (through minutes) sees the violation. Bottom-line can the President do anything?

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barig22 writes:
sorry for cryptic question, my keyboard has a delayed response and missing letters. I look forward to a response. Thank you.

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Craig writes:
Yes, the president can call a special meeting. Yes, you need a quorum to approve anything at a special meeting, just as you would at a regular meeting. And whether or not you need to reverse the previous vote depends on what the violation was. If you voted without a quorum, for example, the vote is invalid -- you can treat it like it never happened and simply revote on the issue. If the mistake was on a technical matter that no one is going to object to, I think it's OK to take the practical route rather than following the letter of the rules. In other words, it's OK to backtrack and fix your mistake at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If it's a more controversial matter, then go ahead and call a special meeting. If you do, it's important to give widespread notice of the meeting so that everyone who is concerned knows about it and can decide whether or not to attend. You don't want it to seem like you're trying to do something in secret.

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