Question: Scrapbook Day Fundraiser

Has anyone done a Crop Day as a Fundraiser? If so- how did it go? Did you have vendors? How much did you charge etc? I need a fundraiser this summer and wondered if anyone had tried this lately? THANKS

Asked by ptfmom



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Mpardel writes:
Why yes, I have. It went very well. I did have vendors. I have done it for 3 years now. The most I have made is $3500 in profit. I love this fundraiser. It is a no brainer, and can use as many or as few volunteers as you have. The money made comes from the community not the school families which is a big plus for our school. I do a 2 day crop, Friday night 4-12 and Saturday 9-9. I charge $25 for Friday only, $35 for Saturday only and $50 for both. The only challenge/expense is the food. I provide dinner on Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday. Plus snacks and beverages.

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