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I took over the schools PTO and other groups at our school, My questions: Our Executive Board is the overseer of three groups Can the PTO be rolled up under a title (like F.A.C.E) that includes these other groups that do not do fundraisers or raise money, for oversite and continuity purposes? And less confusion to our parents (since the same board rules over all the groups this makes it easier for the parent to have one name “externally”) The other groups are a PIT, their purpose is to help the school with awards and grants parent education etc.., they cannot raise money and the other is a father initiative, I created, to get male role models involved. They to do not make money. These both rely on the PTO for funds. I was hoping I could call it something like F.A.C.E bylaws and create a structure section indicating each group with their mission statements and purpose so, the bylaws pertain to all three groups. (There is no need for each to be ran by different bylaws). We identify on the agendas and in meeting notes what activities relate to what group and the finance report and account are strictly all under the PTO and labeled as such. Second, we are not incorporated nor do we have our own TIN, but we do have our own EIN therefore, we file a 990 postcard for taxes But we do fall under someone’s TIN for tax exempt purposes Are the bylaws as critical for tax purposes as they would be if we were incorporated? Do you see a major issue with this? or is there something else we can do to make this work? Thank you so much for your time, Anthony

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Rose H writes:
Hi Anthony,
Congrats on stepping up to take over the PTO! It would seem that these other "groups" could be part of the overall PTOs as committees that are focused on specific tasks, just as there are committees for specific events and programs in many parent groups.

Do you know if your group is a 501(c)(3)? I'm assuming it is if you are filing a 990. When you are a 501(c)(3), you do have tax-exempt status. Getting back to the bylaws, typically groups need to submit bylaws on a state level when filing as a nonprofit or incorporating on a state level.

We have a few posts that I think you will find very helpful to read through:

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Hope this helps!

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