Question: What should you do when President is in substantial violation of bylaws?

What should you do when your president is in substantial violation of your PTO bylaws and you are just an active member/parent, not another officer?

Asked by firefighter464



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It depends to a certain extent what the violation is. The first step is to point out the violation at a general meeting and to make a motion to end the violation immediately. When you do this, it will help to have a copy of the bylaws in hand so you can read the pertinent section.

Community Advice

luresa writes:
I would like to add on another "just parent"-who did serve on the board for one year......who cannot seem to find information on where to go for assistance when a parent faculty group becomes entrenched and goes rogue.....completely ignoring bylaws and continuing to have "no members" in their corperation, only the 9 board members have full power. I have asked many people and investigated on the internet, but have not yet found response. I confronted the bylaws/ non-compliance issues while serving as an officer, and I was then asked to resign because bylaws would not be ammended under any circumstance. In the 5 years I have been a parent at this school, there have been no review audits of the "books" and our PFC takes in over 150,000.00 a year. Seems wierd to me. Good luck and please let me know if anyone has advice. A PFC should be for the school and as parents come and go the organization stays strong for the school it is serving. Thanks

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