Question: Selling wine as a fundraiser?

Our school is located in an agricultural area with many vineyards and wineries. Is it legal for us to sell wine as a fundraiser? It would be similar to the cookie dough concept with order forms and a pick-up day. Can we offer this to parents? Can it be picked up on school grounds?

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
These questions should be addressed to the principal and the school district. If they confirm that it would be okay, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Community Advice

badpants writes:
Perhaps you could offer a wine tasting event. Ask a number of the local wineries if they would come to a location, set up and offer tastings. You could do it in conjunction with a another similar event, like an dinner/auction. Ask each winery to donate a case or 2 of wine that you could auction off. Parents could also purchase wine by the glass from their preferred vineyard. An event like this might appeal to the community and not just your parents, which could hike th efunds raised.

Community Advice

daddario writes:
We have a lot of glasses in my home simply because we’ve collected them check where we buy it colored wine glasses. But for daily use I just use the one in the front of the cupboard. Doesn’t matter what the wine is, those glasses are just fine. If someone moves them around, I end up grabbing a different glass. It works just as well. My personal preference is for a slightly shorter stem, which lowers the center of gravity and prevents knocking the glass over. And a wider foot, again for stability. And that’s for reds and whites and sparkling wines and sweet wines.

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