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Our PTO is considering a parent night out where they can crop off their children at the school for 2-3 hours and shop, dinner, etc,. We would charge per kid and also have snacks, drinks, games, movies, etc available for the kids. HAs any other school done this and how did it work for you

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Rose H writes:
Hi anonymous!
We've heard of this quite a bit, actually. If you wanted to get more info on how to set it up, what to charge, etc., I'd suggest you head over to our PTO & PTA Leaders group on Facebook. It's a closed group, so you need to request to join (I do that, so it's not a problem or a big deal!) and then you're in the group! We have over 700 members and there are tons of folks who are super helpful, offering all sorts of tips and ideas.

Here's the link:

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