Question: A quick way to build our money back up!

HI, I just became a co treasurer for one of our local schools PTSO, I was just wondering what is a quick way to make a monthly income for PTSO, last yr the people that were running, quit running it and stop doing stuff, so my secretary and I are trying to work it back to what it used to be, we have been doing bingo cause it's an easy way, we held a bazaar, as we are doing santas workshop next week! So I was wondering what other easy Ideas are out there, and I live in Washington state so bake sales are hard cause we have to wait a half n he after school to sell anything sugar! Right now we're also doing popcorn Friday's! So if any suggestions please help! :) thank you :)

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Manassah writes:
Have you looked at Kick The Cans?

Novel approach that allows you to keep 90% of the money raised, which is much better than other fundraisers.

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admobile writes:
Parents are burned out with selling, collecting money and distributing products. AdMobile created a unique idea where parents trade off doing all that for receiving a few text ads per day. It doesn't cost the fundraiser or parents any money. The money is made when ads are sold to businesses who like the idea of sending their coupons, promotions, etc. to the parents' mobile phones via text. Fundraisers don't even really sell the ad. They just refer the advertiser to AdMobile who manages the advertisers, collects the ad revenue and pays the fundraisers. All the fundraiser has to do is have their supporters subscribe via text and show an app about the advertising to advertisers.

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