Question: Playground funding and number

Hi, I am trying to understand how playgrounds are funded and I chanced upon the PTO website. Is there a good source which states how many playgrounds there are or how they are funded? Thanks

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
School playgrounds are typically funded through PTO/PTA fundraising, sometimes along with grants and/or funding from the school district. For stats on how many playgrounds (school and nonschool) there are nationwide, you might try the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association at

Community Advice

jjdjr21 writes:
Some public school districts fund playgrounds at their elementary schools, particularly when it is a new construction situation, but more typically, the PTO or a similar organization raises funds to pay for "extras" such as playgrounds. In the private sector as well, it is typical for fund raising activities, corporate donations and grants to be utilized to pay for playgrounds. BCI Burke, the nation's oldest commercial playground manufacturer, offers a unique Funds For Fun program, as well as a Grants Resource Center, to assist those looking to get started. Visit their website at for details.

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