Question: How do I orchestrate a start up of PTO as building principal?

As building principal, how can I help orchestrate the start up of PTO?

Asked by smitchell



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Start by doing a little recruitment face to face. If you can get a couple of parents excited about the idea, they can bring in friends to help do some of the basic organizational work. These early champions can develop a mission statement and some goals for the group. That way you can have a small amount of infrastructure in place when you have a schoolwide meeting for people who are interested. The story How To Start a PTO goes into more detail and has links to tools that will help you get going. Good luck!

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smitchell writes:
No I have the interest, I just need to pay the fees....get the IRS thing.....become a plus member....Etc, trouble navigating this site!!!

Advice from PTO Today

pmullen writes:
You may be interested in purchasing a Plus membership which would give you access to all of our expert guides. Our Start Up Guide provies step by step instruction on how to become a 501 c3 group.To order a plus membership go to: If there are specific questions that you have, or need more help navigating this site, please contact me at

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