Question: PTO requiring background check of volunteer

PTO had a list to sign up if you wished to volunteer, so I signed it and attended the first meeting. I was told that I would need to fill out a background check. However there are no other parents that had to do this. I looked on the FB page at all posts and saw that there were no rules stated on what it took to become a volunteer until after I made contact with them asking about meeting time. Is this right? I can not get the by laws from anyone.

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HarperEMom writes:
I'm not a pro but unless their bylaws state (and I know they won't share them but if they haven't at least referenced or quoted from them) that doing background checks are up to their discretion, meaning they can pick and choose who they want to background check (sounds like it would be wrong then too) then no, they can't. They and/or the district can require ALL volunteers have a background check but to single you out and not quote from any type of law or valid reason as to why, sounds super shady and cliquish.

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