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what are the easiest, biggest money-maker fundraisers you have done?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
I wish I had a simple answer for you, but there really isn't one! What we've found is the biggest money makers differ from school to school and are often driven to a great extent by parent involvement. Some group's do really well with a traditional fundraiser like wrapping paper, magazine or cookie dough, while others bring in substantial funds from a community-driven carnival or special event (like an auction or special supper). What's key is to figure out what your school is best suited for. This article on selecting a fundraiser could be helpful to you. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

Community Advice

firefighter464 writes:
I have found that BoxTops for Education is often overlooked as an easy fundraiser. Afterall, it is essentially having people donate their trash to you for cash! (Instead of, in this sour economy, asking for any actual $ from anyone.) How to make it successful? well, from experience I can tell you that it takes only a broad creative look at who uses BoxTops items and how you can get them to save them for you. Bigger philanthropic-minded groups = more easy $. In addition, look towards motivating factors. Yes, it is a nuisance to clip and save those little boxtops. How do you overcome nuisance factor? With a reward factor. I saw grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. come out of the woodwork to collect 500 boxtops (That's $50) so their kid could win a little cute stuffed animal prize. In retrospect I should have made it 1000 boxtops ($100), because they'd have magically made the effort to collect that many if I'd only asked! That same family would have never donated $50-$100 cash! That works at elementary level. Older grades? I've long wanted to join pie-in-the-face throwing with Boxtops. Fun sells. What kid wouldn't want a chance to throw a pie into the face of a principal or teacher (of course, you garner their happy cooperation first!) and what is it worth to them? It's all good clean fun.

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PTOMOM1969 writes:
We have a yearly festival. We have a silent auction, which always raises a lot of money!

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37ptokids writes:
wm, You sound like me LOL The biggest bang for your buck. My sisters' after making over $28K referred me to my new best friends, James and Scott.

Within 2 weeks they evaluated our needs and goals and started our fundraiser which generated just under $16K profit for a school with 150 kids.

Tell them Angela referred you. They are James 585-709-3770 and Scott 585-943-9797

Angela A

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