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Trying to plan our Back To School BBQ and need help with more fun outdoor games for the kids. Any ideas or games you have done in the past that worked for big groups???

Asked by Scottfam



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firefighter464 writes:
Not done for our school, but I've used for large family gatherings or birthday parties: Easter Egg hunt (with plastic eggs) works no matter the season. Use them to deliver PTO meeting message, too. Or, if you charge for the BBQ to raise $, put a few free or discount BBQ coupons in some special eggs, a limit how many eggs per person.

I have also done an Amazing Race party (not at school but at my home for a birthday. It was big hit.) For your use, each family is a team. It does takes some prep and creativity to make the clues and stations... But that is my forte and fun is the name of the game. Use the playground equipment for physical challenges, combine the egg hunt in a separate roped-off field for finding next clues, use a riding lawnmower with wagon and 'uniformed' taxi driver volunteer for taxi teams are required to take from one location to another(??), have a staff team of soccer players and the family team must score one goal against the staff members to move on, combine a scavenger hunt of things like what is our school mascot, who is the school principal, when is the next PTO meeting, how many fence posts surround the playground, etc. At my house we also used the race to have some chores done--you could have teams collate stacks of papers for you or assemble packages of school supplies, maybe even clean classroom doors or windows???--one staff supervises that the jobs are done properly before they get their next clue, you get the idea. Winners maybe gets school T-shirts or notebooks emblazoned with school name?

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Great ideas, firefighter464! I'm thinking you could borrow ideas some various Message Board threads where parents have given ideas for a variety of outdoor events, including fall festivals, for your Back to School BBQ. For example, take a look at this Message Board thread for outdoor activity ideas and see if any ideas might work! Good luck!

Community Advice

Naten writes:
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