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"most PTOs are 100% publicly supported" is a quote from your site. How is this true with Scrip programs and catalog fundraisers resulting in most support coming from gross receipts in related business activities?

Asked by vboundy



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'm curious to know where you read that. Would you post a link or email it to me at Obviously it's not true -- most PTOs don't take any public funds; they raise their own money.

Community Advice

vboundy writes:
This is in reference to supporting public charity designation on 990 Schedule A. Here's the quote and the link "Part IIIA asks for detailed numbers about your PTO’s annual income, which you figured out already for Form 990-EZ. In this section, the IRS is determining the percentage of public support for your group. The typical PTO will be 100 percent publicly supported."

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