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We are wanting a calendar on our homepage that parents can click on and get more information if necessary. Also, we would like that calendar to be able to be updated by a anyone who has internet access and not any HTML skills. I have come across Google Calendar which is PERFECT, but I cannot change the colors to match our website. Does anyone know of something that would work? thanks!!

Asked by Firefly7071



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lharac writes:

Hi there, Firefly7071 -- I've been struggling to find just the right calendar to use for my family, so I feel your pain! I've looked at a lot of different flavors of web calendar in the past year; one thing I've learned is each one has its own benefits and limitations. If your priorities are easy to use, easy to embed, looks nice, free -- Google Calendar really does seem like the best option, in my opinion. And you *can* customize the colors of an embedded Google calendar; if the exact right color for your website is not available, what about trying one that is a nice contrast / complementary color, instead?

All that said, there are definitely other options out there. Keep and Share is one you might want to check out; if you do a web search on [calendar embed website], Keep and Share pops up along with some others that look interesting. (Make sure to scan at least the first 3-4 pages of results.) Let us know what you decide to use!


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Firefly7071 writes:
Yesterday I came across Keep and Share, and already put it on our website. It is soooo easy to update. I add the whole rest of the year in just about 30 minutes. Check out our website. I want to add links to the calendar events for more info. I really love it so far. Any volunteer can easily make changes to it. :)

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Firefly7071 writes:
Now if we could only get a free Keep and Share upgrade for the shout out here on PTOToday, that would be the best!! Keep and Share, are you listening?? :)

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webmaster writes:
We use the google calendar, as so many parents have google and can just integrate it to their google calendar. I haven't manipulated the calendar colors but I have it integrated directly on a page of our website so it looks like it's part of the site. Whenever the calendar is updated by anyone on google, it automatically updates the site.

Here is our link if you want to take a look.

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