Question: Presidents position

If a person was voted in for president by proxy with false information can the postion have a revote

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
When an election is held and the person who is elected isn't present, the election isn't valid until the person who is elected agrees to serve. Once that happens, if you want to remove the person from office, the procedure depends on your bylaws. Your bylaws should specifically state a procedure for removing an officer. If they don't, check to see how the term of office is defined in your bylaws. If the term is defined as for a specific period or "until the next election," you can vote to hold a new election. To do that, according to Robert's Rules, you need to give prior written notice to your members and you must have a majority vote to hold a new election. Or, if no prior notice is given (ie this just comes up during a meeting), you meed a two-thirds vote to authorize a new election.

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