Question: Voting out PTO President

Recently I have had almost the entire Board quite. Two of the Board members did not follow the rules and did whatever they wanted without a vote or running it by me (the President) and now they are out for retaliation. I fear that they will try to vote me out at the next general member meeting. There is nothing specifically about this in our Bylaws. It is stated that "Each general member may exercise one vote on all matters submitted in any regular Parent Group Meeting." Also, "The election of Officers will occur at the May Meeting of each year." Could they vote me out? Need some advice!

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
If there's not something specific in the bylaws, Robert's Rules indicates your group would have to hold a "trial," which is an involved process. Hopefully there's a chance of reconciliation/mending fences soon. Best of luck...Liz from PTO Today

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