Question: Ineffective Leadership

Is there a way to stop a current ineffective PTA leader from serving again in the new school year as the new PTA president of our high school? She currently serves as the PTA Council President and as PTA Vice President at our Middle School. She is incredibly controlling and runs things like a dictatorship, and she is leaving a sour taste for PTA in just about everyone's mouth, administrators and parents alike. She nominated herself for the position of PTA president, however, the Nominating Committee made the decision to move her to the position of Secretary. This decision really angered her and led to a lot of drama. We fear that this woman will stop at nothing to get what she wants (the position of PTA President), including using the knowledge that she's gained as Council President, to sabotage the upcoming elections.

Asked by gyunque



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LisaStewart619 writes:
If I were you, I would contact your District PTA office and ask for their guidance and support. If that is not an option, then I would contact the state PTA.

Community Advice

melo writes:
i feel this way, the pta is voted in to represent the parents and if she isnt doing so then you the parents have the right to speak up and should do so . the one thing i most point out is very important for matters to not get to a point of no return, always stick to your point and follow with the facts and then remind everyone that we are here for each other so disrespect is never needed and a open floor to speak will always be here . we are setting examples for our children, school staff etc that we the parents are ready, willing and able to do what we must for our children. plus speaking your mind isnt wrong as long as you dont disrespect anyone . i say we must respect honesty with kindness.

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