Question: Sock Hop

Just wondering what other schools have done in organizing a successful Sock Hop?

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CMay2CK writes:
We keep ours low-key. The kids do not need much to be entertianed. We hire a DJ, have hoola hoops available, do the limbo, hand jive, etc. A parent with an old Ford brings it by for photo ops, and we serve snacks outside. We decorate with "vinyl" records, juke box cutouts, etc. Nothing too fancy. The first year you have one, you will have the decoration expenses, but if you make it an annual event, as we do, it pays for itself.

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Wanda Johnson writes:
Hi- we've actually had many Sock Hops....just looking for some new ideas. :-) I am hoping we can get a bunch of hoola hoops. Thanks for your post!!

Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
I ran one a while back as a father and daughter dance. We had a twist contest, best dressed costume contest, and had favors that we made out of cd’s with the name and date of the event on them. They looked like little 45’s (records.) We also sold bags of vintage penny candy and our menu was hamburgers and milkshakes (50’s diner style). I also rented two life size cutouts of Elvis and Marilyn from a local party store that we used for photo ops. (I didn’t want to buy them because after all what does one do with a cardboard Elvis and Marilyn after they have served their purpose? : P ) We had a hula hoop off and at least a dozen raffles too. We did have a DJ and he played great music and gave the crowd energy, especially during the twist-off. It was nice having him as judge too, since, well, you avoid the whole speculation of PTO leaders playing favorites. Have fun!

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gonz writes:
We have one every year the last Friday in October. Everyone looks forward to them and starts planning what they will wear long before school ever starts. Parents and children all dress up and make a ton of fun out of it. I recommend it for any school wanting to engage parents and children into an event.

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