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I am having a hard time figuring out what to do for this event. Half of the people I have talked to do want a dance but the other half doesn't. I don't know what to do please help!!!!!!!!

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Sweetpea writes:
From my experience it's best to keep the mother/son dance simple. Half the boys stay with their moms and dance and there are awards and special dances. The other half go crazy and run around while the moms sit and chat. The age of the boys is important (too young and you can't keep their interest and too old and they're bored and don't want to be there). Keep the food simple, too. The boys tend to go through the food like they're starving. Don't use balloons - the boys like to pop them. Get some dads to supervise the boys' bathrooms.

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Rose H writes:
Sounds like you are in a jam. If you decide to go the dance route, looks like Sweatpea (answer above) has lots of great tips. But if you are getting strong feedback to not do a dance, there are many types of events that can be adapted for a mother-son event. This article on 16 different quick and easy events might give you some good tips.

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CPerry writes:
How about a Racecar themed night. You could do small tricycle or wagon races, mom's pulling kids or something, design your own race car craft project, Line dances to songs about winning like We Are the Champions, maybe even get someone with a sports car to loan for the evening and have pictures taken of mom and son by the car. You could serve "fast" food and maybe come up with one other station or project. The food time will give moms and kids a chance to chat with each other and the moving from station to station will keep kids from getting bored and the number of stations will set the time limit so you can have a definate start and stop time. This obviously would work best in an Elementary setting but you could adapt it to older kids. Just think about what you'd do for Father/Son activities and make them Mother/Son. Good luck, I hope your event is awesome!

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KMASTERS624 writes:
Hello! My PTO is planning a Mother and Son Dance, I came up with the theme "Sundress and Bowties".

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HopPTA writes:
We did an outdoor movie night at our local YMCA. It was in September so it was one of those beautiful evenings when summer starts to fade into fall. We rented an outdoor screen from FunFlix and the YMCA provided some fun activities like rock climbing and organized games of Capture the Flag, etc. We had a photobooth and food trucks. It was an awesome nights and both parents and kids left raving about it!

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Hsavoy writes:
Mother son paint with me event
Just like painting with a twist

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