Question: Stolen Money and removal of officer

Our President stolen over $2,000 of our school money. How can we take action to remove the president and get the school money back.

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Craig writes:
I'm sorry to hear that! The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is to remove the president's name from all bank accounts. If you have a debit or credit card, get it reissued with a new number. As far as removing the president from office, check your bylaws to see whether it spells out a procedure. If not, I'd suggest the board confront her as a group and demand her resignation. Then hold a new election to fill the position on an interim basis. If you have bonding insurance, contact your insurance company. They will help you with next steps. If you don't have insurance, report the theft to the police and let them investigate. Alternatively, you can demand immediate restitution, but I wouldn't let the situation drag on without reporting it. Good luck.

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Veroniqueca writes:
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