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Just curious as to why expos held in large metropolitan areas are held on weekdays? Our PTA is comprised of Moms who are needed by their families for transportation, etc. We would love to attend the expo, but Atlanta, GA is a 2-3 hour drive from our location which would require an overnight stay. My children would not have a way to school or home if I were to attend. Please consider alternate locations or some Saturdays in planning for future events. Thanks!

Asked by iamblessed365



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I appreciate the feedback. We try to make the expos available to as many people as possible. When we've asked people in the past for their preference, the response has been overwhelmingly in favor of weekdays. A lot of people say there's too much going on over weekends and they're not able to get away to attend an expo. If there were enough demand in an area, we certainly would consider a Saturday. But so far, that hasn't been the case.

Community Advice

EnonElemPTO writes:
I am a PTO President and mother of six in Virginia. We are currently the only PTO in our county and even surrounding counties. Having an expo closer to Virginia on the weekend would prove easier to attend. We have several executive and committee members who are interested in attending however driving 6-8 hours during the week isn't feasible. Thank you for your consideration.

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