Question: Coffee & Donuts on 1st day of school

PTO would like to do membership drive on 1st day of school. Hand out coffee and donuts in the carpool line with a note from the PTO. Is this too much for the first day? Also, our open house/meet the teacher night will be the Thursday before the first day. I'm on the fence...don't know that it's a good idea, but other board members think it is good exposure.

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Polly9786 writes:
I love the idea of coffee and donuts!!! But I would keep it a positive thing. Just get everyone's attention! At our school we open the doors to the classrooms, the thurs before school starts. There is no teachers it is just parents speaking to parents. Everyone seems to enjoy this, but right after the little open house the kindergarten students meet for the first time at the local park and get Popsicle and meet their teachers

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