Question: filing taxes as a non exempt group

We are a non exempt school association. We have a tax exempt number and was wondering if we need to file taxes. We got told from our old treasurer that she didn't.

Asked by beaniewi



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kimmoore writes:
YES - you need to file tax returns. I am the new treasurer for our group and just discovered our taxes haven't been filed in two years. There are large penalties from the IRS if you're late. I have found lots of info on this site. Please search around. You need to complete a form 990 for federal. Not sure what your state requires. Non profit organizations DO need to file taxes.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
To clarify a little bit what kimmoore says below, the IRS is pushing to get all nonprofits to file for 501c3 tax-exempt status. They don't necessarily want you to go backwards and file past form 990s -- they want you to fill out form 1023 (the application for tax-exempt status) and then begin to file form 990. In our experience, the IRS isn't looking to penalize you for not filing; their goal is to get you "on the grid" by filing for 501c3. The article 501c3 for PTOs has more information.

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