Question: define unexcused meeting absences

Regarding unexcused Ex Board meeting absences- What's defined as unexcused? Bylaws mention unexcused but don't define.

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Rockne writes:
I'm not sure, but to me the bigger question is why that clause is even in there. I know there are references to that in a lot of PTO and PTA bylaws, but I really dislike it, especially in 2011. It's a clause that harkens back to an era when school volunteering was very rote -- "make the Board meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month and make the general meeting on the thrird Tuesday of every month". Today with email and crazy schedules and all-around busy-ness, that kind of model is unduly rigid. I know some great leaders/volunteers who can barely make any 7PM weeknight meetings, but they still stay on top of things and contribute a ton. Doesn't really answer your question, but hopefully is related a bit.... Tim

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Craig writes:
I agree with Tim that you can be a good officer without attending meetings, but I want to add one caveat. The reason some groups have that clause in the bylaws is to provide an easy way to remove an officer who has pretty much abandoned ship. If you have someone who rarely shows up and never helps out, it's likely that you'll want to replace that person with someone more enthusiastic. I'm guessing that's why the word "unexcused" is in there. That clause isn't meant to force people to attend meetings; it's meant to be used in rare instances -- to be able to remove someone who isn't doing the job at all. "Unexcused" might be purposely undefined, so you use it only in extreme cases.

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beahawk writes:
What if a President refuses to have meetings, and has all the "books" and refuses to co-operate,

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