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How is it possible to make is so that all members of the E-board listen and take everyone's ideas into consideration? Though I'm the President I don't want to be "the heavy." I want to have a peaceful group and have us all get along but how do we make one person see that their ideas aren't always the right ideas. In fact, the idea they're insisting on in our area probably wouldn't go over all that great. The other idea that I firmly believe would be a HUGE success (because I've seen it work) is being seen as cheap and blown off by said person. How do I make them see the light without sounding like a jerk?

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firefighter464 writes:
First off, I'd dare say that many people feel insulated and thus act in ways they normally wouldn't on an 'E' board. I'd move this discussion to live meeting asap. That way those who stand behind the other idea can be heard and seen and you yourself can stand behind the one idea and be heard and seen. And call for the live meeting not just on the 'E" but also with paper flyers, so you hopefully get a cross section of opinions. For all yu know, the supporters of the bad idea might not even show up--they might just sit at the computer all day but are people of inaction, really. Or, maybe just the opposite. Anyway, calmly, fairly, open-mindedly bring up what you see as the downfalls of the one idea and the benefits of the other--if you've seen it work, what's stopping you from giving the details of that? That's not a heavy, that's an intelligent leader. But also be prepared to listen. Use Roberts Rules fairly to give someone the floor and have others listen, too.

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