Question: gaming liscense necessary

If our pto carries a non-for-profit status, do we need a gaming liscense to do 50/50, drawings, raffles, etc.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Maybe -- those rules differ from state to state. Your town or city clerk's office might be able to help. Otherwise, check with the state gaming department or attorney general's office. You also might be able to find your state's rules by searching for "raffles Massachusetts," for example, on the internet.

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Charitable1 writes:
It will not be a gaming license but might be a local license or permit. As Craig stated it varies by state and possibly on a local level. The easiest way be safe is to offer a sweepstakes that has a free component as well. This will now put you under the sweepstakes law and not a raffle. I can help greatly in this area. Send me a message if you need more in depth assistance.

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Latisha Vonauftemberg writes:
Cut the has a ton of useful information on thier site

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