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I need to think of a really cool theme for our father & daughter dance.

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Stephi writes:
Our girl scout troop did sock hop a few years ago and both the girls and dads LOVED it! The girls loved wearing the poodle skirts (and they can be made fairly cheap and easy) and the dads all thought it was awesome to be able to wear leather jackets and slick their hair back. Some one had a classic car that they brought and each D&D got their pic taken in the car (also cheap, just cost of printing the pics). All the 50's music is kid friendly and a lot of fun, and for decorations we just put up pink and blue streamers. Another theme we had fun with was super hero's! Most D&D's came as matching sets like superman and supergirl, batman and batgirl, ect... We had a blue sky back ground for pictures and they had a blast doing all kinds of super hero poses with each other. There was dancing but it was off to the side more with super hero themed games as the main attraction. It was a good time all around at both dances and the dads didnt have to feel goofy all dressed up.

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CMay2CK writes:
We've done a Sock Hop, Disco Night, Luau, Mardi Gras, and Red Carpet Hollywood Style. Those are just the years my daughter has attended.

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