Question: Small Town NO Change??

When you are in a very small town and you are a new president how do you get the board to be open to change..Ive received alot of input that parents are just NOT happy..They run from the PTO they feel they dont listen and I was at my first hand off meeting tonight and there was just so much resistance to any new ideas or change..Did I join a sinking ship? Advice please!

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Followme writes:
assessement is your friend! go to google docs or surveymonkey and ASK your parents and families what they want. Use the data to plan your work and then work your plan. Dont be turned off by the technology either....find any high school or college kid you know and they can walk you through it. Data does not lie, just be sure you are asking fair questions that are not examples and before you know you, you will be a hero becuase you will be leading families towards their very own desires!

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