Question: scavenger hunt

Does anyone have scavenger hunt riddles for an elementary level hunt? Hunt will be both inside and outside.

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scrapmom2boys writes:
You might find something near a seat that swings. (playground near swingset) You should seek where you would eat a treat. (cafeteria) I would look where you could find a good book. (library) --this could also be narrowed down to read I would look where you can find a History book...ect.

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JacqualineV writes:
I did this for the kdg. class new kids coming in. while the teacher talked to the parents we took the kids to entertain them. 1st. clue.go to where you hear singing..if you find me you'll be ringing(music room).2nd. go to where the floor is bumpy..if you find me I might be lumpy( we have a rubber gym floor)3rd.go to where we can eat..if you find me please be neat,4th go to where you find a nook..I'll be hiding near a book.5th hurry back to your classroom.take a seat..I will be hiding like a treat. I did this with Gingerbread men. I cut out and decorated different gingerbread men then hid them. at the end I had gingerbread cookies and milk for a treat for the kids. hope this might help you a little.

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