Question: Holiday Games

What kind of games can I make up for a 4K class Christmas party?

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Community Advice

pcalahan writes:
In my daughters 4th grade class, they were playing dirty Santa with king size candy bars. Everyone brought one wrapped by teacher and the game played just like dirty Santa. Of course, they were required to bring candy bars without nuts. Kids had a great time and enjoyed playing. While not a game, my 2nd grader had a polar express day. The teachers lined their desks like a train and put paper and wheels on the side and kids wore pajamas and sat in the train and watched the movie polar express. They also had hot chocolate during the movie. Kids loved it!

Advice from PTO Today

egraham writes:
Last week I was at a preschool party where they did a "snowball throw" the kids loved. It was just rolled up tube socks that the kids tossed into an open box covered in wrapping paper. Simple, cheap, and fun.

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