Question: Looking for new holiday gift shop

We are looking to use a consignment shop to sell items for next years holiday gift shop. We are in Mass. Does anyone have any recommendations (good or bad) of companies they used?

Asked by OCCT



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
After finding two or three that offer merchandise and prices that fit what you're looking for, ask for samples so you can get an idea of quality, and ask for a list of schools in your area that have used the same company so you can check references. Be sure to ask about service, delivery time, and return policy.

Community Advice

kscarpulla writes:
Given that you are in Massachussetts I would suggest Miss Chocolate if they are available to you. We used them this year and the items were nice, you set your own prices and they even give you a cash register to use. It is all on consignment so there is no up front cost and they do not charge for the shipping. And as long as you tell them by a certain time if you run out of something it can usually be shipped to be back to you next day.

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