Question: How much involvement from school administration is appropriate?

Our PTO is forming a committee to create new bylaws as ours were 'lost.' School administration wants to appoint the committee, half of whom represent administration. While I welcome their support, I don't believe that they should be on the committee creating our bylaws. We have plenty of boilerplate to work from, and we are quite capable of the task, and I am concerned about our bylaws reflecting our goals as parents, not the goals of school administration. Are my expectations inappropriate or unrealistic?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Blunmtnmama,
We think your expectations are right on. Is there a way to meet in the middle here? Perhaps you could say you'd welcome their input and a member of the administration should be on the committee, but, this committee really should be put together by the parents and represent the parent group's mission and goals. You don't want this to become a source of conflict, but trust your instincts on this.

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