Question: President Tired of Spending Her Money

I am Pres of PTO for middle school. We have a school store that the kids are allowed to purchase anything from pencils, apparel, snacks, candy, etc. Right now, I make a run and get what we need but Treas will not leave me check so I have to use my own money and get reimbursed. How should I handle to stop this?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Not trying to be a wise-guy, but you certainly don't have to spend your own money. It would be perfectly OK for you to say that you can't or won't anymore. If it's a group operation, then it should be a group responsibility. Perhaps a discussion at a meeting is warranted where the whole group (not Treasurer's sole decision) decides on what is best solution. Could you get an account with a store? Good luck. Tim

Community Advice

Shan writes:
You could also add yourself to the bank account- which would give you the ability to write checks yourself. Perhaps the school store could bill the PTO or the Treasurer directly?

Community Advice

Lindley writes:
Never, EVER, write a check to yourself. You can co-sign a check written to yourself, but ANY board member worth their weight in gold, should question ANYONE that writes a check to themselves.

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