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Can a principal sign a fundraiser contract for PTO

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mum24kids writes:
Depends. Is the PTO a separate legal entity from the school? Is the principal an officer of the PTO with the stated authority to do so? (I think that would be unusual, but not unheard of.)

At our school, the PTO is a separate entity, and the principal is a member of the Board of Directors, not an officer, so she has no authority to enter into contracts on the PTO's behalf.

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vonni14 writes:
Hello our PTO is seperate from the school. Our Prinicpal is not an officer. Our shcool has never had a PTO so were learning as we go. It's been a little rough but were trying.

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mbrooks writes:
Your principal cannot bind the organization unless she/he has the legal authority under the PTO's bylaws/rules to do so. Unless she/he is an officer (which you say she/he is not), you must have one of your officers sign contracts on the organization's behalf. Best regards, another PTO mom (and lawyer)

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