Question: nominations committee - recruiting members

It's extremely difficult for our PTA to recruit parents for the nominating committee. NO ONE is interested in helping us identify future leaders for our PTA. We have tons and tons of parents volunteering for all kinds of programs at our school so it's not that we don't have very involved and dedicated parents. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions for motivating folks to serve on the nominations committee.

Asked by Nilam



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EducationCEO writes:
I just learned of this nominating process today. I can only offer my take on why people are hesitant: 1. Meetings are at inconvenient times; 2. They have had less-than-positive experiences with the PTA; 3. They may not know the other parents well enough to nominate them; 4. The process sounds intimidating, almost like a popularity competition-which most mature adults tend to avoid. It does not sound appealing to me considering the perceived chaos on out PTA but I am still going to run for an office even if I have to nominate myself.

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