Question: No candidate

We had elections for the pto board last month. Each position had one candidate and was voted in. However, Nobody volunteered or accepted nomination for the Vice President position. It was discussed that elections for VP would be delayed until the next meeting. They said if one candidate stepped forward, a motion would be made to vote them in. If two or more candidates, then an election by ballot would be held. We had the next meeting today. The current board were notified about 2 people interested in the VP position. Instead of following through with the elections as stated at previous meeting, they referred to Roberts rules (unknown where it is stated) and decided to vote as an executive board 30 minutes before the meeting because they didn’t like one candidate. There is nothing in the bylaws that’s States what to do in the event there are no candidates for the position. The bylaws state Roberts rules will be followed if a situation occurs that is not covered in the bylaws. Does Roberts rules cover this situation? If so, where? I read that an election stays open until election occur. Everybody showed up to the meeting to hold an election. How can this be contested?

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