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I live in a rapidly growing area that will add a new elementary school next fall. Portions of students from 3 schools, all with a strong PTO, will be rezoned to the new school. There are 300 from one school, 130 from another, and 70 from the last. What is the best way to form the new PTO executive board?

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mum24kids writes:
I would send notices out to all three schools that a new PTO will be forming and that you are looking for people who are willing to serve in some capacity, and see what kind of response you get. (Ideally, you will have representation from all three schools.) Set a time for an in person organizational meeting and hash out what people want the new PTO to look like and what kinds of things need to get done, and form a committee to get nominations for officer positions. It would be nice if one officer from each existing group would spearhead this effort, but I don't think it's an issue if it's just an eager parent who will be in the new school who tries to get things going.

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milkbrain writes:
so is the plan to have only 1 parent group for all 3 schools? In my district we have 3 elementary schools that are k-3 each with about 200 students, and the district pre-k which is about 100 students. Each of our schools has its own group. With that said, many of us know each other outside of the schools, and are members of each groups FB group.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
One other thing to consider. The "new" PTO should focus on a few key family events (perhaps even one in the summer before school starts) so it can immediately start new traditions and help the school feel like a community.

Rose C.

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