Question: Husband and wife running for key positions on the executive board.

In our organization for our spring election we have a husband running for the President position and a wife running for the treasurer position. Is this a conflict of interest. By the way, they also got other people to co with them on these position.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We've come across a husband and wife on the same board before. If they both really want to do this and they are willing to work on behalf of the school, more power to them! You do raise an issue about conflict. In general, it is a very good idea to have more than one person looking at the bank statements. As they are a married couple, it would probably make sense to have someone else look at the bank statements as well, just to make sure everyone feels comfortable and there's a solid system of checks and balances. Will each also have a co-president, co-treasurer?

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