Question: New York Companies that Donate

I have had a lot of luck with companies that people have listed. But, I am new york based. Does anyone know of companies like restaurants, or hotels, or shows that would donate items for our fundraiser?

Asked by TheDiGregorios



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Sorry, I don't have any specific New York companies to suggest. Did you try asking this on the Ultimate Donation List thread? You're probably more likely to find someone there who can help.

Community Advice

JosieD writes:
The NY Broadway Comedy Club sent me 2 books of 2 for 1 to shows. Maybe we can share some ideas as I am still trying to build up on my list of donation companies. Look forward to hearing from you.

Community Advice

hanxnaah writes:
Yes - I'd check out Sign up for the free trial. They just launched an NYC listing this past week.

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