Question: Spirit night promotions

We have monthly spirit nights with Marco's pizza and Yogurtopia both give us 20% of the sales and the class with the most orders gets a free pizza or yogurt party. My question is participation has been lower than usual and I want new ideas to promote them any suggestions? We do have stickers that go on the kids the day of the event, we have signs in the car lines reminding parents and we have them the same day each month 1st Thursday for pizza and 3rd Thursday for yogurt.

Asked by bevrogers



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi bevrogers,
Can you try using social media -- Facebook or Twitter -- to help get the word out? And, if so, definitely play up the prize aspect! I love your idea of having signs for the car line! One other thing to think about is this: Are there any other local restaurants that might be willing to participate in this kind of program? Sometimes, if you add a new restaurant to the mix, it changes it up enough so that parents will get excited again about the program.

Good luck,
Rose C.

Community Advice

celexa writes:
Try a different prize something free like a extra recess for the kids and try a new restaurant. The kids and parents might be sick of the same ole same ole!

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