Question: Form 1023 additional information needed

To complete the process of applying for our tax exempt status, the IRS has asked us to specifically describe how we will fulfill our purposes as described in our Articles of Organization. Should this description be part of the bylaws or articles? Can someone refer me to samples?

Asked by Marquettepto



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You're not alone -- the most common reason that applications are delayed is because they don't include enough detail in the narrative description. One way to tackle this is to create a spreadsheet listing your activities. In the spreadsheet, answer these questions: What is the activity? Who conducts the activity? When is the activity conducted? Where is the activity conducted? How does it further your exempt purpose? What percentage of your group’s total time is allocated to the activity? How is the activity funded? You can also attach flyers, newsletters, etc. if they help describe how you're meeting your exempt purpose. The only example I have of a narrative was filed in 2003. The form has changed a bit since then, but it gives you the basic idea. If you would like to see it, send me your email address.

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