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Ok so I have a question. I just got off the phone with the irs and they told me the tax number was no longer current. Our treasurer says it is current what should I do?

Asked by Countrygirl



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firefighter464 writes:
Countrygirl, from your various posts, I believe you are a concerned parent/volunteer. I salute you for wanting to get involved. So many in today's world turn away, look away, step away. However--and this is a BIG however, I caution you. Those who turn away/step away do so for the wise sake of self-preservation despite the sacrifice made to the 'greater' good. I recommend that you take a breath and ask yourself why this situation has come about? Why has no one changed anything up until these points of your discoveries/questions? Do you have the real facts or are you making assumptions? (Make sure of your facts.) Are those in control of things holding more power than you realize? Are you personally willing to sacrifice GREATLY to see this matter through? (Speaking from horrible experience here!) What are the odds you will be stressed out/stonewalled/ostracized? Folks who hold power typically do not like being questioned. Entities that are supposed to be positive and sweet and light and 'for the kids' do not like 'negativity' coming their way. You may see it as asking for accountability that all who give $ to the fundraisers would want, but others see it as rocking a boat they have been comfortably sailing until you stuck your nose into it. Remember your actions need to enable them to save face, as that will be their ultimate goal, probably not so much the good of the kids or the PTO finances. I see that you email for contacting this treasurer. I suggest you speak in person to those you are trying to reach. But first I strongly suggest you find advocates (if not witnesses) for your side to join you FIRST. If you find none, it doesn't mean you are wrong, it means they are unwilling to speak up. (Refer back to why folks step away and consider joining them) Sure, a group should have a valid tax id. Sure, a group should have bylaws and meetings and votes and financial controls. There ought to be transparency/accountability for money being raised and spent. You are not wrong. Take comfort in that. I'll look to Rose C for having a more positive spin on this, but I thought you ought to be warned with some reality. Also, there is no group that governs or oversees PTOs. No school entity will likely help you. Are you sure you want to take this on?

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Countrygirl writes:
Thanks for the advise. I have spoken to others but I think they are afraid that she can do something to them. I am wondering if this will reflect on me and the elementary school because I used a letterhead from the school to get almost $4000.00 in donations. What should I do at this point just let them do what they want and the school be responsible for the end result?

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Rose H writes:
Hi Countrygirl. Starting with the tax ID number. Those number do not expire. So, either the number given to the IRS was wrong (perhaps numbers were transposed) or there is a possibility that the group may have had a name change somewhere along the way. How about getting a clarification first. You could ask the treasurer to provide you with the number again and then call the IRS again and check it. Would the treasurer or someone from the board be able to tell you if the group had ever had a name change? In your subsequent post, I'm frankly a little lost. Who is the "she'' you refer to? The treasurer? What were you collecting donations for? It sounds like you were participating in some kind of fundraiser/donation drive and was it for the school or a parent group?

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Countrygirl writes:
Ok update for you. So I tried to talk to her and let her know that the federal tax was not valid and I was told by her to basically mind my own business and don't question her. So upon firefighters great advise I did dive in and call the school board and let them know my concerns and what was taking place. So they have the PTO on the next board meeting, this should be real interesting. Hope I don't get eaten by her. :) And yes firefighter I am the type of parent that fought the school so my daughter could have chocolate milk on her cereal so I guess I am up for the challenge. On a side note (told by parent of school that she was warned not to go near the PTO so that makes me feel very sad to hear something like that and know things need to be changed) I know now why people do not say in our community. Makes me angry, and angry that someone who tells everyone how she needs help and then treats people like they just are her slave to get things done. Sorry so long and a rant but she made me mad. Will keep you informed of what the board had to say.

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