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I am doing the cakewalk at our Spring Fundraiser, this year it is Beach Blanket Bingo Family Night. Ok, so to confess it is only 1.5 weeks away :o After cookie dough pick up tomorrow, which I am the chair, I will be hitting this full force ;) 1. I have sent out and gotten commitments for cake/bake goods from parents, teachers and some local store bakery departments. BUT is there a minimum "certain" number of treats to have? 2. I have read up on doing a cakewalk but cannot decide between letting the "winner pick" their "treat" or assigning numbers to the "treats" and the winning number gets that "treat". Anyone have one that has worked? I am really excited. I luv cakewalks...since it is a Beach Blanket Family theme I will be playing Beach Boys music, have beach pictures laminated for the "walk" and of course some of them with numbers. Lisa

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Cakewalks are great fun, and you really can't go wrong. Set your schedule based on how many cakes you have. For instance, if you have eight, then schedule a cake walk every 15 minutes from 12 to 2 p.m. It's really easier to number the cakes and have the winner pull a number out of a basket. That way you avoid the indecision that hits a lot of kids when they have to choose. Good luck!

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