Question: very confused.

I signed up with PTO Today for a "free giveaway for our school event" and received a box of 200 homeopathic medicine samples. Our school has a very strict policy about medicine on school grounds. We are not allowed to distribute these to parents at a school function. Why in the world would I receive medicine, homeopathic or not, for a school event? It has to be a rule elsewhere, right? What a waste of shipping and pills. I couldn't find someone to take them, (pediatrician, shelter, chiropractor etc.) I won't use 200 but I can't hand them out as it would be the PTCO- because that's who they are addressed to... argh.

Asked by annamuza



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Anna,
Thanks for the feedback. We understand what you are saying about your school's policy. We know schools have different guidelines and so to accommodate that, we had provided an opt-out option before shipping the Happy Healthy School Kids free samples. We are sorry if you've been inconvenienced and hope your community was able to enjoy our Thrive magazine and Happy Healthy School Kids samples overall.


Community Advice

milkbrain writes:
I still have a slew of cough medicine from last year that I wasn't allowed to hand out- It works well and I have given it to friends..

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