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Hi all I am new to the baords bu have to say I have gotten so much great information from everyone on here - thanks so much for this, now my question I am on Long Island and looking for donation items for a huge chinese auction which is not until Decmber. Does anyone have companies they sent to here that have given> Thanks so much

Asked by iris45



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Craig writes:
If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Ultimate Donation List thread in the message boards. There's a lot of information there that might help.

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vfiggy writes:
Hi Iris, not sure where in LI you are but definitely submit your letter with all tax information to the manager of your local Best Buy. They submit to corporate for approval & within 3-6 weeks you pick up a donation. Have in mind what you would like when approaching the manager in case he asks. Also, try ALL of the party places on Rte.110, they usually give a gift certificate towards a party. Also, if this is your first time & you are running the show I would look into the Microsoft program that allows multiple people access to update, so that all who are soliciting know who has been approached already. There is a lot of organization need & thinking ahead for all of the deadlines necessary. This was my 1st year helping out at my school & it is a learning experience. I will know in a few weeks how successful we were but I think the key is organization, thinking outside the box as another member once posted & NOT making assumptions that certain local business would not want to help or be good donations. Every donation has a place. Good Luck : )

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