Question: Problem with the PTO fundraising

who can I talk to if I have a complain about the PTO president at my children elementary school?

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fjrogers1 writes:
It really depends on what the complaint is, but I find it most effective to get involved and attend the meetings and make your voice heard. If the president is doing something unethical or illegal, I guess your first stop would be the principal.

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cford writes:
If you have a complaint I would defiinitely speak with the Principal, but remember that everyone is JUST a volunteer. Sometimes you have to step up to make the changes and maybe it's your turn to help get things done. I know after 2 years as the VP of Ways and Means I get tired of stretching myself and making everything happen for my kids, at work, at home, at school, etc

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FoxMom writes:
Like some of the others, I think it depends on the complaint-- if it is a PTO as a whole complaint- ask to meet with the Executive board and express your issues to the group-- if you are not comfortable doing that-- possibly meet with the Vice President and Principal of the school and express your concerns-- but if you are not liking something the President did-- get involved and work to change things.

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bebe writes:
What if your PTO won't tell you when the meetings are and they only have 2 a year that they invite parents to?

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