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At the end of our 2012/2013 cookie dough fundraiser, I signed up w/the Entertainment/Extreme Fundraisng for the next year. Since that time they have filed for bankruptcy and all of the reps in our county have left. The corp. office is trying to tell me that we have to use them due to the signed contract. what recourse do I have?

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Rockne writes:
Hi anon -
I can see the tricky issue there. Generally, I'm one that recommends loyalty to great service and living up to commitments.
But I can also see how this is a very funky situation for you and for the Entertainment folks. Heck, for a time you could have very easily assumed you had no Fall fundraiser -- and you would have been wise to search for an alternative. Perhaps that's even what you did. And the absence of any local rep. support is certainly another fair factor for you to consider.
Especially in light of this spring's struggles, I'd assume that Entertainment is working hard to earn back trust and earn back customers.
The recourse you have is your decision. I assume you haven't paid them any funds yet and you're likely 3-4 months out from your fundraiser. I don't think there would be any damages here.
What does your agreement say? That's a factor, for sure, but so is the very unique change in circumstances that have occurred since you signed that agreement.

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